Book cover Flower World

Flower World
Music Archaeology of the Americas

Mundo Florido
Arqueomusicología de las Américas

- vol. 1 -

Edited by / Editado por
Matthias Stöckli & Arnd Adje Both

Ekho VERLAG | Berlin / Berlín | 2012

ISSN 2195-7665
ISBN 978-3-944415-00-0 (series)
ISBN 978-3-944415-01-7 (vol. 1)
Hardcover, 176 pages, 130 illustrations, 6 color plates

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Open Contents:

PDF Download Introduction to the Series / Intruducción a la serie

PDF Download Prelims

Ancient Pututus Contextualized: Integrative Archaeoacoustics at Chavín de Huántar, Peru
Miriam A. Kolar, with John W. Rick, Perry R. Cook, and Jonathan S. Abel
PDF Download Download Abstract

Inca Songwork, 1535
Gary Tomlinson
PDF Download Download Abstract

Los aerófonos de barro del Valle de Sula, Honduras
Teresa M. Campos, ilustraciones de David Banegas
PDF Download Download Abstract

Ritual Dance and Music in Ancient Maya Society
Matthew Looper
PDF Download Download Abstract

Sonidos en piedra: El canto, la música y el baile en el Monumento 21 de Bilbao, Cotzumalguapa, Guatemala
Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos
PDF Download Download Abstract

Tunk’ul: Análisis de un instrumento musical maya en contextos rituales durante la Colonia
Juan Carrillo González
PDF Download Download Abstract

Cantos de Venado: New Insights into Mexican Indigenous Performance and Composition Practices
Helena Simonett
PDF Download Download Abstract

An Organology of the Americas as Painted by John White and Other Artists
Mark Howell
PDF Download Download Abstract

PDF Download Contributors / Contribuidores


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