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Music Archaeology of the Americas - Arqueomusicología de las Américas

The bilingual series will raise the study of ancient music and music-related activities of the pre-Columbian Americas to the next level. For the first time, a book series featuring scientific investigations in this fascinating inter- and crossdisciplinary field, will be available. The series will encompass peer-reviewed studies by renowned scholars on both past and living music traditions from South, Central and North America, and thus constitute a platform for the most up-to-date information on the music archaeology of the continent. It will feature case studies and the results of research projects in the field, in which a great variety of music-archaeological approaches are commonly applied. Read more ...
La serie bilingüe llevará los estudios de la música, el canto y la danza precolombinos a una nueva etapa. Por primera vez habrá una serie de libros dedicada a las investigaciones científicas de este fascinante campo inter y crosdisciplinar. La serie incluirá estudios revisados, redactados por científicos renombrados, que trabajan sobre tradiciones musicales pasadas y presentes de América del Sur, América Central y América del Norte, constituyendo de esta manera una plataforma para la difusión de la información más reciente sobre la arqueomusicología del continente. Asimismo, proporcionará casos de estudio y resultados de proyectos de investigación en los cuales suelen aplicarse una gran variedad de procedimientos. Leer más ...
Sound of Stones: The Music Archaeology of Chime Stones in Ancient China

Sound of Stones: The Music Archaeology of Chime Stones in Ancient China
Ancient Musical Instruments and Music Cultures, Vol. 1
Fang Xueyang
284 pages with 104 figures and 52 tables
© Ekho VERLAG | Berlin | 2022

This book focuses on the chime stone named qing, a percussion instrument from ancient China. Chapter 1 of the book provides a comprehensive view of existing studies, sets out the aims of the research alongside material sources and methodology, elaborates the theoretical framework, and clarifies terminology in both English and Chinese. A summary of the main chime stone finds of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River valley areas, together with geographical features of these distributions, is provided in Chapter 2.
Chapters 3 to 9 contain an in-depth discussion of the chime stones unearthed from those regions, including classification and typology, shape, manufacture, assemblage and performance, detailed tone measurement and analysis of the acoustic properties. Chapter 10 looks at the use and function of the chime stones, including their cultural context, their role in ensemble playing, their use in ritual music, and their symbolic meaning in ancient China.