Flower World – Mundo Florido, vol. 5

Music Archaeology of the Americas - Arqueomusicología de las Américas
Matthias Stöckli & Mark Howell (eds.)
128 pages with 105 fgures and 4 tables
© Ekho VERLAG | Berlin / Berlín | 2017

Flower World: Music Archaeology of the Americas / Mundo Florido: Arqueomusicología de las Américas, Vol. 5 (2017)


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Individual Chapters (PDF)

Indicadores de la prehistoria musical del norte de Chile: Las Flautas de Pan del sitio arqueológico Azapa-6, valle de Azapa
Andro Schampke C. | Abstract
22,00 EUR
An Early Colonial Testimony of Musical Change and Continuity in the Guatemalan Highlands
Matthias Stöckli | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Sounds and Sights: Sweeping the Way at Bonampak
Mary Miller | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Los artefactos sonoros de Xochicalco
Arnd Adje Both e Ivonne Giles | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Ceramic Vessel Rattles from Tala and Teuchitlan, Jalisco, West Mexico
Kong F. Cheong, Mads S. Jorgensen, and Roger Blench | Abstract
22,00 EUR
The Native American Flute Tradition in the Southern Plains, Focusing on the Kiowa and Comanche Tribes
Paula J. Conlon | Abstract
22,00 EUR