About Ekho Verlag

Ekho Verlag is a publisher dedicated to promote studies in music archaeology, a growing interdisciplinary discipline in the intersection between anthropology, archaeology and the arts. The publishing house has been founded in 2012 and is based in Berlin, Germany. It features works on musical instruments, sounds, and musical practices of all times (including song and dance), with special reference to past human cultures, and the living traditions.

The publishing house aims contributing to the awareness of our common musical heritage, providing a comprehensive research platform for the most up-to-date music-archaeological literature. It publishes series of monographs and anthologies with peer-reviewed studies by renowned scholars in the field, deriving from research projects carried out all over the world. It also makes available commented reprints of landmark studies in music archaeology, unpublished material and translations of important works.

In Greek mythology, Ekho was a mountain nymph who loved her own voice. Pan, the god of shepherds and flocks, fell in love with her, but she refused him. Ekho was torn to pieces and spread all over the earth. Gaia, the goddess of the earth, received her relics and since then her voice remains repeating the words of others.