Flower World – Mundo Florido, vol. 4

Music Archaeology of the Americas - Arqueomusicología de las Américas
Matthias Stöckli & Mark Howell (eds.) | Contributors
160 pages, 62 figures, 2 plates, 13 tables
© Ekho VERLAG | Berlin / Berlín | 2015


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Individual Chapters (PDF)

What Do Moche Whistles Want?
Dianne Scullin | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Tara: La estética del sonido pulsante – Una síntesis
Arnaud Gérard A. | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Signifying Instruments: Reflections on the Magic of the Ethnographer’s Sound Recordings
Jonathan D. Hill | Abstract
22,00 EUR
A Case Study of Maya Avian Ocarinas from Pook’s Hill, Belize
Kristina Nielsen and Christophe Helmke | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Ti qui to co: The Combinations of Syllables in the Cantares Mexicanos – A Comparison of Sound Reconstructions
Matthias Lewy | Abstract
22,00 EUR
The World in Actions: Ritual Knowledge and Spatial Conceptions Among the Náayeri from Western Mexico
Margarita Valdovinos | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Post-Contact Trade Bells Among the Indians of the Southeastern United States
John M. Connaway | Abstract
22,00 EUR