Music & Ritual:
Bridging Material & Living Cultures

Publications of the ICTM Study Group on Music Archaeology, Vol. 1
Raquel Jiménez, Rupert Till, and Mark Howell (eds.) | Contributors
394 pages with 78 figures, 4 tables and 2 charts
© Ekho VERLAG | Berlin | 2013

Music & Ritual: Bridging Material & Living Cultures


(ISBN 978-3-944415-11-6)
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Individual Chapters (PDF)

The Round-Bodied Lute (Ruan) and the Ideal of the ‘Cultivated Gentleman’ in Fourth- to Eighth-Century Chinese Funerary Arts: A Preliminary Study
Ingrid Furniss | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Divinized Instruments and Divine Communication in Mesopotamia
John C. Franklin | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Sounds for Gods, Sounds for Humans: Triton Shell Horns in Phoenician and Punic Contexts from the Western Mediterranean
Antonio M. Sáez Romero and José M. Gutiérrez López | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Music and Death: Razors, Stelae and Divinities in the Punic Mediterranean
Agnès Garcia-Ventura and Mireia López-Bertran | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Paestum: Ritual Music in Honour of the Dead
Daniela Castaldo | Abstract
22,00 EUR
The Archaeoacoustics of a Sixth-Century Christian Structure: San Vitale, Ravenna
David J. Knight | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Acoustics, Architecture, and Instruments in Ancient Chavín de Huántar, Perú: An Integrative, Anthropological Approach to Archaeoacoustics and Music Archaeology
Miriam A. Kolar | Abstract
22,00 EUR
The Flight of the Sorcerers: Sound, Power and Hallucinogens in Wari Expansion Strategies during the Middle Horizon, Peru (ca. AD 500-900)
Mónica Gudemos | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Membrane Drums as Cosmic Symbols and Shamanic Portals in the Shell Art of Spiro, a Mississippian Mound Site in Oklahoma
James A. Rees, Jr. | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Ethnoarchaeomusicology: Social Reproduction, Music (Sound Production) and Ideology in the Rituals of Alutiiq and Yup’ik Societies
Jesús Salius Gumà | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Sound and Ritual in Levantine Art: A Preliminary Study
Margarita Díaz-Andreu and Carlos García Benito | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Vaccean Rattles: Toys or Magic Protectors?
Carlos Sanz Mínguez, Fernando Romero Carnicero, Roberto De Pablo Martínez, and Cristina Górriz Gañán | Abstract
22,00 EUR
The Ritual Significance of the Scandinavian Bronze Age Lurs: An Examination Based on Ethnographic Analogies
Gjermund Kolltveit | Abstract
22,00 EUR
A Shaman Drum Hammer from the Medieval City of Turku, Finland
Riitta Rainio | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Representations of Dance on Late-Medieval Bosnian Gravestones
Zdravko Blažeković | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Ritual and Symbolic Aspects of the Midwinter Horn in the Netherlands
Annemies Tamboer | Abstract
22,00 EUR
The Return of Ritual: Sacred Popular Music Cultures and Cults
Rupert Till | Abstract
22,00 EUR