Crossing Borders:
Musical Change & Exchange through Time

Publications of the ICTM Study Group on Music Archaeology, Vol. 2
Arnd Adje Both, Jon Hughes and Matthias Stöckli | Contributors
344 pages with 102 figures and 1 table
© Ekho VERLAG | Berlin | 2020

Crossing Borders


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Individual Chapters (PDF)

The Bullroarer: A Global and Timeless Sound Instrument
Cajsa S. Lund | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Prehistoric Triton Shell Horns in Europe
Francesco Marano | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Ceramic Aachen Horns: Sounding Witnesses of Pilgrim’s Travels in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period in Europe
Annemies Tamboer | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Bone Pipes in the Archaeological Record of Estonia
Madli Oras | Abstract
22,00 EUR
A Singing Bone from the Convent Quarter of Medieval Turku, Finland:
Swedish or German Import, Baltic Influence or Variation on a Finnish Theme?
Annemies Tamboer / Riitta Rainio | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Picenian Pendants as Possible Sound-Tools:
Towards a Pre-Roman Italic Soundscape
Mirco Mungari | Abstract
22,00 EUR
The Sound Fabric: Towards the Sonification of Landscape Archaeology
Jon Hughes / Ben Elliott / Mark Edmonds | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Mythical Archetypes of Itinerant Musicians
Eleonora Rocconi | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Alexander the Great’s Travels and Musical Encounters
Donatella Restani | Abstract
22,00 EUR
The Music of the Conquered: Iconographies and Archaeological Findings from the Time of Alexander the Great
Daniela Castaldo | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Sounds from Under the Shifting Sands: Reflections on Kuchean Music Culture of the Sixth and Seventh Centuries
Gabriela Currie | Abstract
22,00 EUR
A Study of the Music and Dance Images in the Hinayana Buddhist Mural Paintings of the Dai People in Yunnan, China
Wang Ling | Abstract
22,00 EUR
‘Listen To My Drum’: The Musical and Socio-Cultural Importance of Torres Strait Islander Warup/Buruburu Drums in Australia
Karl Neuenfeldt | Abstract
22,00 EUR
Interpreting Authenticity, Asserting Authority:
The Transmission of Piobaireachd in New Zealand
Daniel Milosavljevic | Abstract
22,00 EUR